2nd & 4th FRIDAY at 7:30 am 

Pickell Hall 

Who are your role models? We need them today - people who are fully human yet who exceed human expectations and point others toward God. David is such a role model. His struggles with sin are infamous, and the Psalms reveal his anguish and doubts. Yet he is also described as "a man after God's own heart"—the champion of Israel. In this study, we will be introduced to David, the sinner and the redeemed, and the man and the instrument of God's creative purposes. 




Monthly Men's Breakfast

Saturday, February 18th at 8am

Come out and meet other men over breakfast, prayer and fellowship in Pickell Hall.


Please bring something SALTY (eggs, bacon, sausage, etc) if your Last Name begins with the letter A-M. Please bring something SWEET (pastry, doughnuts. bagels. etc.) if your Last Name begins with the letter N-Z.


All men are invited, no RSVP necessary.

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